Thoughts – It Finally Felt Like a Break

Despite numerous attempts previously to take leaves and MCs so that I can get some rest, it never felt like one. Today, though at the back of my head, I do know that I still have tons of stuffs to do (especially after I switch on the computer to set the out-of-office message and saw the emails), I actually felt otherwise. It’s a good feeling, of course. I get to have a hearty buffet later on, and then probably do some shopping. Am now thinking if I should bring the little one for his 6 months vaccination. I won’t be free this Saturday and the lil’ hub will be working next Saturday. Will see later on…

(Oops, early in the morning, the grandma starts her ranting again…

The grandpa just got reprimanded by the grandma for he is still disturbing little milkie when he is supposed to help to bathe little milo. The grandma was nagging as usual because she found some sh*t in little milo’s diaper, and nobody changed his diaper before that.)

At work, things are starting to get a little cleared, or at least I’m trying to clear before I leave. There are a few things that had been pending, of which I’ll need to sort it out quick. There’s still a group of peeps who didn’t know about my resignation yet. I hope it won’t be too big a surprise for them, as I did warn/hint to them previously.

As for the new workplace, I did have some worries. But then again, there is no point worrying on something which I can’t control. So I’ll just have to take things in its stride. Furthermore, I’ll have to adjust my life, finance, timing and what not again. I do miss those peeps whom I knew during the YOG period. Hopefully I get to see some of them when I’m there.

Pumping of milk. Yes, that is one of my biggest concern. As much as I now know that there’s a nursing room there, I’m not sure how I can adjust my timing. And since I’m not one of the luckier ones where I have abundance of milk with fast letdown, I’m worried that it might affect the milk supply drastically, which I seriously hope not. I’m only at 6 months target! I’m still 6 months away from my 1 year final target!!

Little milo’s a real BIG chubby cutie. I do hope I can spend more time with him, and little milkie as well. But with my already limited time split into two, I only hope that both of them won’t feel left out. It’s not easy, really, especially now that I’m still spending hours a day, sitting down there and pumping away. There are options where cup-like storage can be slotted into the bra, but it did feel and look weird to me. I doubt I can concentrate on pumping. And again, I’m not the lucky ones where the milk will happily flow out lots without massaging or compression etc.

Now that I’m typing away while warming up the breastmilk for little milo, little milkie is simply lying on the sofa and stoning. I seriously wished I can create more activities for her (and him eventually). With competition going so strong nowadays for young children, I really wonder if I can keep up to it. Plans to create or print out activities were shoved onto the shelves repeatedly. Where do I get the time, I wondered. It seems like I really can’t keep up on those efforts. Seriously wondering how did some mommies do it… any idea?

My hobbies? *LOL* I can only smile at that one loooooooooooooong list and pray that I can find the time AND energy to clear it someday… someday, so it will be, as much as to my own dismay. Why wouldn’t I be? I’m not balanced but then again, what can I do? On normal days, I’ll only have that few hours after work to catch up with some rest (if there’s any), and spend some time playing with little milkie. And then that’s about it, it’s time to sleep. It’s going to get worse with a change of job but I’ll have to adjust to it.

My skincare routine had taken a toll, and the skin looks bad and dry nowadays especially with that lack of sleep and fruits. I’m trying to change this situation, I have to before it gets even worse. I don’t want to look older than the lil’ hub!!! *LOL*

Life’s still good though, no matter what. And I’m really glad (and thank Heaven) that all my loved ones are healthy. It’s a beautiful life!

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