Ramblings #1206

3.21pm – It’s late. Two and a half more hours and I’m off and on my way home. Today is the 28th of the month and that’s where I’m supposed to do some calculation on my finance. But why am I hesitating…? I know why… because I probably overspent way toooooo much. I know I ought to control more than a little now.

5.13pm – I haven’t been working for bulk of the day today. Partly I’ve been talking to people. From online to whatsapp and facebook, and then reading articles and news. It’s sad when I came across those news related to the burnings of the forest. Right, everyone is complaining about the recent haze that had been around for months. I pitied the people living there, who need to breathe in the polluted air. But all the more I pitied those animals who live in the forest, and whose homes are lost because of human’s actions.

You may find it weird that I pity them more, but ask yourself, do they even use any of the products? Do they even require the forest to be cleared? It’s their home and we are not only just destroying their homes, but inputting fears too. It’s sad.


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