Ramblings #1207

9.35am – Just as I was trying to think how to dress the lil’ hub up as an alien for the upcoming Halloween Party, I saw news about a mysterious orb above the sun. And then some glow along the Milky Way some time in May this year. I wondered, will I get to see aliens in this life? I am a believer of aliens, and of course other conspiracy theories of just about almost anything and everything, for after all, things are not that simple. Or maybe, it is very simple, but its just that humans always make it so complicated, in an attempt to, I’m not sure, hide what.

Anyway, it simply doesn’t make sense to me if I assume that we are the ONLY living organisms in the WHOLE of the Universe, that can talk and write, and what not. That out of nowhere, humans can suddenly imagine aliens or even discover weird phenomena etc. There must be something that triggers it somewhere.

But in the first place, if it really existed, why? Why do whoever needs to hide it? Is it for a means of protection of the people? Or pure selfishness?

Hmm… anyhow, I could go on and on on this topic for the whole day. There are simply too many theories about it which all seems so linked but as of now, I still haven’t got the time and energy to link it yet, or maybe part of me didn’t really dare to. What happen, IF, I did really manage to chain things up… am I able to take the truth? My star is the Moon, and it represents knowledge. Whatever knowledge that I seek, I can get it. Hmm…

Someone once told me, “If you can’t take the truth, don’t seek for it.”

3.18pm – It will be the last time, I promise…

Alright, don’t scold me. But I can’t seem to do any work when my head is filled with… should I buy or should I not? And when that happens, it’s bad… very bad until either I managed to convince myself not to buy (which takes an extremely long time for something that I really desire), or I will just buy it and then move on. This thing took me almost a week to think through. I thought I’m over it but I’m wrong. And to compare that to the price of the bet, I think it will be worth it if I really manage to keep myself motivated.

Alas… I missed those days when I was in Taiwan and doesn’t need to worry about my financials. Now I’m always up to my neck. I reckoned it must have something to do with the Fengshui in my room. It had been like that since months ago when everything starts to mess up. The Qi probably didn’t flow well with all the windows shut thanks to the haze from the burning.

Shall make it my TOP priority – CLEAN UP MY ROOM! Yes, that’s it!

3.49pm – Fengshui. Fengshui. Start organizing my office desk first! It’s in a mess! THROW, THROW and THROW!!

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