Ramblings #1209

9.27am – Good morning to a relatively messed up morning, where I forgot to take little milkie’s water bottle (and thus my dad had to detour back to take) and I didn’t grab the bread that the lil’ hub bought last night for my breakfast. Sigh… what a way to start the day…

It’s Wednesday today and I’ve got exactly a week to clear up whatever I need to in the office. Someone had already asked me why I haven’t start packing yet. Well, mood, mood, mood. Where is the mood? You need the mood to start packing.

And now I have to go for a meeting… *poof*

9.48am – Not yet. Am still waiting for my boss to ping me. Sigh… Felt a little moody today.

10.38am – I’m so sleepy… Damn. I just read an article that says lack of sleep will reduce the metabolism rate drastically. No wonder I just can’t seem to lose my fats. Double sigh. Looks like I’ll have to keep on reminding myself to sleep early and try to get 7 hours of sleep. Calculate back… I wake up at 6am, so which means I’ll need to sleep by 11pm. And then the latest time I do my last pump will be at 10.30pm!

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