Thoughts – The Power to Freeze Time

If ever one day, I can have any power, I would love the power to freeze the time. Let everything be in a standstill while I get the next day prepared and get all the things done. Tons of it. It would be nice, just like Do Min Joon from “My Love from the Star”. Hadn’t he done so many things while the time stops?

But I know, this is reality. Until now, it still seems impossible though at the back of my head, something tells me otherwise.

It’s a bright and sunny morning with nice fresh air. The children at my kid’s childcare finally get to come out and play in the garden after being confined for months. I sure hope it stays that way. It’s nice to see those smiles coming from the kid’s face. And then suddenly I thought. Wouldn’t it be unfair if I decided not to let little milo have some fun before I sent him to a school?

As I got back into the car and was on my way to the office, I realised that I had forgotten to slap on those chemicals on my face despite reminding myself in my head to do it before I go out. Alas… I’d aged. Numerous attempts to finish things had failed drastically. My threshold for everything had lowered. Memory is failing me. My bags felt so light till I wondered if I had forgotten to bring more things. Thank God, till now, I haven’t.

I’m in the office now, wearing my headset with no music switched on. My stuffs are all staring at me, shouting at me to pack them up but I’m simply too lazy and tired to. I can only feel the heavy lids on my eye… and my mind… drifting… a…way…

No, I shall not wish for anything for it’s dangerous to make a wish… and now, the UP3 on my wrist is reminding me that I’d been sitting too long. Yes, I’ve gotten it for 4 days and am still counting. Will try and write a review on it soon. Got to go walk now. Ciao…

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