Ramblings #1211

I seriously, totally and honestly blamed this on myself, for deserving such reply due to my normal reaction when an elder is sick. I should have remembered the promise that I told myself – “To h*ll with her!*

What is wrong? Here’s what’s wrong:

We went back to our house to grab something. My MIL was not feeling well, thats what I heard. And while grabbing my stuffs, I heard the lil’ hub saying that the MIL is a little feverish. So naturally, I went over and put my hand on her forehead. Indeed, it felt hot. So I went to take a towel and wet it, while the lil’ hub took out the medication. As she stood standing at the kitchen, taking the med, I said (in a perfectly flat soft tone), “Mother, you need to drink more water.”

Anything wrong? Not from my point of view. From my knowledge, she hardly drinks. And now that she’s having a fever, its natural (in my sense) to take more water and cool your body down (even if you don’t like it). But the response I got was (in a shouting tone with bloody hell face), “你mother我,  不可以喝水! 喝水胃很涨会吐啊!” (Translate directly: Your mother me, cannot drink water! Drink water gastric very full will puke!!)

Oh wow… hang on there… I, your daughter-in-law, totally has no slight intention of killing you. In fact its the opposite. But why are you talking to me as if I wanna drowned you? *Lost* I am not expecting you to take a bucket of water and down it into your throat when I used the word “灌水”.

Whatever the case, both my hands and legs are off the case. I’m as good as talking to a stop-telling-me-what-to-do-you-smart-alec-because-i-eat-salt-more-than-you-eat-rice dude. Yes, and its very unhealthy MIL, to take so much salt.

Presenting to you, the 4th manager in my life.


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