Thoughts – Replan, Reorganized & Catch-UP!

It’s the first day of the last month of the year. How times flies… I was still heavily pregnant earlier on this year and now my little baby, little milo, is already coming to 8 months old. Cute and chubby, yes, that’s what everyone says. And I definitely agreed with that. He’s a smiley baby.

Well, things had been going on FINE. With my planned plans getting disrupted repeatedly. As the saying goes, what can go wrong, will go wrong. Whatever things that I planned (in my mind or paper), it went wrong.

Just take this morning as an example. I hooked off earlier than usual just so that I can complete my advent calendar (oh right, let me update a bit on this later on) with the chalks that I bought quite a while ago. And so after I’m done with the washing, I opened the drawer to take out that box of chalks from the plastic bag which turns out to be a box of candles instead. And after searching, to no avail, I gave up.
That’s the problem when your room is way too messy and no stock taking was done, and thus always resulted in multiple duplications. Then I decided to do some cut-outs but after a cut, I realized that it’s time for me to go to work. So quickly, I grabbed my things and headed for the door. The moment I closed the door, I realised that I had forgotten to bring the scarf to keep myself warm on the bus. But then I thought, its still bearable, and I’ve got my jacket in the office later on. Its just a split second and (luckily) I remembered that I had brought my jacket back to wash. In the end I had to rush out to take the bus instead of a slow walk.

On a bigger scale of disruption, my MIL is still in the hospital. I am glad that she’s alright but the visiting definitely disrupted my plans quite a fair bit. And I had to spend my weekends to try and play the catching up game.

Little milkie had stopped her schooling for the moment. I’m not sure about her but I think I would miss some of her classmates. I sure hope that there won’t be too much of a nightmare when the time comes for her to go to a new school next year.

I did some calculations and my financials are in a mess. BIG mess especially since my pay day had been changed. And with Christmas coming, it sure doesn’t help. Nonetheless I will still TRY.

The weather for today is good. Bright and not too sunny. I’m on my way to work. My sis is staying at her own house for this week to prepare for her exams. The rest of the family are still sleeping when I’m out. 

Be frugal. Be conservative. Remember my luck for this coming month.

Go by the book and be conservative with your approach this month. Avoid being impulsive as this will bring on serious consequences.

Basically, it seems to tell me to go with my plans and stop my impulsive buying or else my wallet will explode and I will die cham cham. So… lets try and work towards that!


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