Ramblings #1212

8.02am – I had initially wanted to take a nap in this bus ride but then again, when would I have the time to write if not now?

I cooked up a checklist yesterday. Listing out the timing and to do things for each, and then checking it off. It works, at the start. But it starts to taper off especially after little milo woke up for milk. Well, its not unexpected that there will be disruptions. And by far, I do think I did quite well already though I didn’t manage to sleep as early as planned, which resulted in the creation of a panda this morning.

It’s quite bad, I meant the eye bags. I can see it so obviously. I wonder how long I can hang on to this. 4 pumps a day. Will probably cut down to 3 pumps in February and then down to 2 by April. Again, thats all just planning.

Today I’m packed. With training and a workshop. I have only an hour for lunch and pump, so looks like I need to forgo my lunch and grab some snacks instead.

I am so sleepy now, I can hardly think. Life is good but its not easy when you strive to do lots of things.

*I think I dozed off after that…*

5.35pm – Half an hour more to go but the lil’ hub will be coming later then that. Am going to pick my MIL up from the hospital. I seriously hope that she will change her eating habits as well as attitude. I had been asking her to choose the healthier choice but all my advices had fell on deaf ears. All I can say is, though not really that nice, mother, you deserved it. Its the same as if I had gastric, I am the one to be blamed. And thats why I did try and cut down as much as possible.

I’m so glad I bought an additional bread just now for I have no idea when I will take my dinner later on. Ah…

I feel so tired, still.

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