Ramblings #1213

8.05am – I wondered how long this will last? To stay slightly more awake. I had deliberately dozed off last night at around 11pm with my hp in silent mode, in an attempt to not pick up the phone call from the lil’ hub who tends to call late. I am, I admit, freaking tired till my head aches and my body crumpling. But the lil’ hub doesn’t seem to get it nor show much concerns, for all he sees is his mother that just got out of the hospital. Fine, mine ain’t that serious, its just extreme headache (which I don’t show it other than telling him that I will take a nap in the car when he still constantly talked to me) but even a few words would be nice. And when I told him about the colleague whose husband comes and fetch her everyday, the best that he can come up with is to ask if I want to find another husband. Ouch.

Probably. Just probably. I don’t mean much to him.

8.47am – Darn. I am so way off from my planned schedule. Need to try and catch up tonight…

Ah… felt much better after posting in FB and talked cock with my friends. Lol…

12.31pm – When one is on a frugal mode, one should not care so much about food. My lunch costs 3 bucks today. 3 veggies with rice. Cheap and good. That should be able to help me last for 3 more days… lol

2.03pm – Its not the first time that I’d encountered such feelings. The feeling of deja vu… Have I met those 2 guys somewhere before? No, I’m pretty sure I don’t know them at all. Or have I been to the ladies for a period of time, so much so that I always go to the same cubicle too. Hmm… or is it the me in another dimension that is passing these images over?

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