Ramblings #1214

7.44am – I just met a long time neighbour auntie earlier on as I rushed out to catch the bus to work. Funnily, she spoke to me in Hokkien which she never did (I wonder if its normal for old folks to forget that people don’t speak your dialect at times because my MIL has been speaking to me in that too, lately). I ain’t sure but I think she’s trying to say this, ‘times flies very past, its the end of the year already’.

Well auntie, yes indeed, yes indeed…

It feels like just yesterday that I attended my first D&D in the newly joined company but now the weekends had passed and I’m back to work. It’s too short, for resting, or maybe I’m the one at fault for packing it with events after events. Can you imagine me clocking a 13,000 steps when my average is around 7,500?

How time flies… I really ought to fix a time to get my blogs up for 2016 is coming. Have you got your resolution ready? I’ve got mine almost done up because most of them are from 2015. *LOL*

Ohayou gozaimasu! ^^

9.07am – I forgot to wear my wedding band today. Feels… empty…

4.26pm – Everyone looks busy… hmm… I think its because I’m still new to the job.

4.38pm – Just got a call from my mum saying that the Watson’s mosquito patch is useless because little milkie still got bitten yesterday at the zoo. Die… I still have so many packs…

6.37pm – 看着那蓝色的天空,突然之间觉得很不安。好象这一切会随时消失。我是不是不该在延迟准备一包紧急需要用到的背包了?

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