Thoughts – I’m All So Flowery

Floral top. Floral watch strap. Floral hair clip. It would be nice if I can have floral nails. *Lol*

Good morning to all! Its the usual friday with blue sky and not too bad air, and eyelids that are simply way too heavy. BUT no no, there is something different… its PAY DAY! Well, at least I think it is. Nonetheless I’m so glad that I’m going to get my salary soon for my wallet is already sooooo tight!

And another joyous event, I just killed a mozzie! Smack it flat right on the window pane of the bus. What’s more? My smiley little milo is awake this morning!

It’s the 11th today and Christmas will be coming in another 14 days. Have you bought all your presents? I’ve lost track of what presents to get as there are simply too many (on top of what little milkie, little milo and lil’ hub needed to buy). Woo… sounds bad right? But no fear! I shall take it in my own stride.

And honestly, the people you are surrounded with does makes a different. The aura in my department always seem good and unlike the previous. I mean, I’ve got 2 nice lunch kakis but overall it just felt a little negative. Anyhow, I do miss all of them… but its okay, life still goes on and I’m sure everything will turn out well in time to come.

Shall take a short nap now and list down the items I need to do when I reached the office. Ganbatte!

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