Ramblings #1220

5.30am – Darn. What happened to my first 2 alarms. Did it ring???

6.16am – Little milkie told me not to go to work again. And little milo is crying for hugs and milk. What a wonderful morning on my first day of duty. Lol :p

6.39am – This is bad. It looks like I will have to wake up earlier than that.

6.51am – I’m a traffic warden.

7.30am – Off duty. Complains from the public? Hmm… whatever the case, I’m only wondering how I can better grasp my timings. Time to catch the bus. Luckily the lil’ hub is here today to ferry me here and there.

7.47am – The bus is here and its relatively packed. Forgot to take my jacket. And I’m so sleepy now. No link. I know.

8.12am – Legs aching from sitting in a not too comfortable position. I think I will reach at 8.30am.

12.23pm – Pumping and eating at the same time. I think my life is getting so exciting…

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