When was the last time I blogged, finished a post and posted it? Honestly, I can’t remember. Many a times, I wrote half way and either drifted off to bed, or something came up. I’m exhausted.

Is this what I had expected by getting married and having children? No, I thought it was easier but it isn’t. After 3.5 years, I am still struggling, especially for the past year. Little milo came and I changed my job. Little milkie needs attention and I just received a spam whatsapp message.

Its the 38 women’s day today. And a month before my darling little milo turns 1. How time flies! I haven’t prep much of his celebration yet!

Friend wants to buy EC. Friend wants to separate with hub. Did parent volunteering for a term. Friend pisses me off. Caught up with some ex colleagues. Hub still as irritating. Work getting busy. Milk supply dropping. Sleep getting lesser. Little milo keeps on rolling. Little milkie started independence class. Started learning piano too. Ah… more is coming…

My brain is fragmented now. I’m on the bus on my way home and I can’t exactly think clearly. Dinner with friends last night doesn’t seem to help much. No good. I think I need to sleep more than anything.

I’m living each day as it comes. Trying to clear the back logs. *yawn*

I hope you will hear from me soon, on a regular basis. I really do.

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