I’m waiting patiently now. For the last 2 episodes of the now-extremely-popular-korean drama – Descendants of the Sun. In just a few more hours and I will get to watch episode 15!!

Yes yes, I don’t have the energy and time to blog about other things but yet I die die squeeze out time (while I am on my way home on the bus) to write out my thoughts about this drama!

I’m in love, again!! This time round to the cute boyish looking Song Joong Ki.

To me, the drama is successful thanks to 3 main reasons, the handsome and pretty main casts. The acting skills of the casts. I’m not that big a fan of Song Hye Kyo but nonetheless I would say that she’s quite a good actress. And lastly, the storyline and scripts of the whole drama.

It definitely is something refreshing to see a romance comedy drama that doesn’t involve chaebols, but instead between soldiers and doctors. And I definitely recommend this drama to everyone!

So the story begins with Yoo Si Jin (starring Song Joong Ki), the captain of Team Alpha, on a mission to save two hostages. And then after that, he and his team managed to resolve the whole issue, after some fights. He and his buddy, Seo Dae Yong, then went for some arcade shooting and somehow caught a thief, which got injured by them (and stole SDY’s phone). The thief was sent to the hospital where Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) is working. In order to get back the phone, the 2 guys went to the hospital and thats where YSJ first met MY and fell in love with her (Aaaaahh… so sweeeeeeeeet!! Its love at first sight!!)

Well, thats how it begins. And in between YSJ, a very direct, charming and funny guy, got rejected by MY a few times. He gave up and went for a ‘holiday’ at this place called Urk with his team. It was there that he met MY again, who got volunteered as the medical team by the hospital. Lots of things happened, including an earthquake, cliff hanging event, kidnaps etc. Eventually, yes, after quite a number of ordeal, they got together and came back to Korea.

Of course, things doesn’t end there. As of last week, all was fine (at the end of it) for this couple. But the preview for episode 15 shows that something seems to happen to YSJ. What? I don’t know.

There were speculations of all sorts. Too many of them actually. From sad ending where he will die, to another sad ending where he will die but MY found that she’s pregnant, to open ending where he went MIA but few years later, she saw him at Urk, to happy and funny ending, to it was just a dream.

Ask me? Hmm… Here’s my fair share of deduction. I’m pretty sure he won’t die for if he did, then this will be a very bad drama. Other than that, there is no point in having the whole of episode 16 showing MY mourning over YSJ, unless yes, it became a recap of what happened to YSJ and then MY realised that she is pregnant. But again, that would be quite a sucky ending.

MIA? That will be my guess. As in they couldn’t find the body. Lost his memory? High possibility but that would be quite boring too especially if they ended up at Urk. So I hope its just because he got captured and injured somehow, and couldn’t contact MY. And he’s probably with the Daniel guy (some mysterious guy in Urk).

Happy ending? I wished. At least. It would be nice if he can formally visit MY’s mum like what he had promised. I really hope that it won’t be those open ending where the viewer is left to wonder if she gets to meet him again or not. Refreshing ending? I would say that its not if viewers got to imagine on their own. One reason why I like ‘My love from another star’. Its because I know that he will keep on trying to come over and that the length of time he can stay on Earth is getting longer.

Oh well, whatever it is, I’m just going to wait for a few more hours and then another 24 hours to know the ending. *Endure peeps!*


10.13pm – *Happy!!* I don’t have to wait for tomorrow but I’m pretty sure its going to be a good ending. So YES!! I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS KOREAN DRAMA! Its one of the funniest and sweetest drama ever, even my male elder cousin is watching it!

FYI, I’m watching it via an app in the hp, Viu, which wasn’t too bad. I’m using an android phone though, not sure if it works on iPhone or iPads because my hub’s iPad can’t seem to use as it kept on crashing.

Anyhow, enjoy the drama! I’m going to wait for tomorrow… Goodnight!

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