4.03am – It’s amazing how someone, who is not beside you and hadn’t talk to you at all, can somewhat pissed you off right in the middle of the night. Why oh why, of all the different kind of themes, do you have to choose one which I had intended to do? Why do you always have to do the things I like? WHY?!

“Let it go…”

8.22am – It’s Thursday and I refused to lose. You shall wait and see…

12.34pm – I just wasted half of my morning listening to my senior lecturing the temp guy because of his incompetencies. Its partly my fault to, to not manage him tightly, and instead, let him do on his own in his own timings. I should have known, after one experience but yet I made that same mistake again. Sigh… not everyone knows what to do. And I do agree that it should be done fairly quickly though I disagree with the fact that he did nothing for 3 months, for its a decision that we waited. Anyway, its over and I’m trying to cheer up by having some nicer food which exceeded my daily allowance.

Heck! I need some food to compensate for my lost time and mood. I cannot let someone else affect my future… will have to be stricter from now on. I’ve got 3 days. And I’m keeping track tightly from now on, to save all of us.

It’s time for scrum!

13.20pm – Such a coincidence! To meet my traffic buddy, who is working around the area, while I’m on my way to take the shuttle bus back to office. He was walking in front of me ans I thought from behind, he looks really familiar, including the way he walks. Indeed it was him after he stopped in the crowded area. Of course, he was surprise to see me. Well well, will see him again tomorrow, my traffic buddy.

6.43pm – Keeping on track for today despite the sudden lecturing. All is fine. I know ways to salvage and also, after all, its just a job. I don’t want to make myself lose sleep over it. I do, after sitting down and pondered for a while, think that the senior is a little hush in scolding the boy.

Well, it’s not really my problem so I’m not going to dwell into it. Am going to have dinner with the lil’ hub later on and going to watch my Descendants of the Sun! Ah… I am sooooooo in love… ^^

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