I stared at the brightly lit sky. It says 28°C on my phone today, I wonder if its true… It’s a Monday, albeit a blue one. The thought of ending the weekend battle to face the weekday battle wasn’t as welcoming when negative aura started to surface since the senior had repeatedly bombarded the temp with extreme remarks. I don’t blame her for her anger for a part of the blame is true. But I definitely don’t agree with the fact that she reprimanded him as if he is like a child (of hers). And no, I will not do him a favour, to let her know that she’s leaving shall the time comes. Its between the two of you. Leave me alone. I shall not make any more comments hence on.

The days passed fast. It’s already the mid April and my dreams still seem so far away. Am I destined to just work under people? No, it should not be the way… I still strongly believe that I can do it amidst the chaos (in my house).

Plan and plan and stick to it. That’s what my luck says this year. So long I have got a solid plan and then I follow it strictly, it will lead me to success.

F.O.C.U.S. – Follow One Course Until Successful

And this bus is moving so slowly… seems like the traffic is relatively heavy today. I hope I can make it for the meeting later on at 9am. There are 2 things I need to clear today – report and the website. I’m done getting stuck between them 2 for it’s interrupting my work.

Good luck to myself! Shall update more on my weekend if I have the time…

…suddenly, the desire to get back her freedom grew stronger…

My girl recently took back stickers given by the school that says “Start small, dream big”. I think she ought to do that, I should too.

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