8.12am – It’s another sunny morning and I’m on my way to work. Feels good today with thoughts and ideas flowing smoothly. I wonder if it’s because of the side of the story that I heard from the senior. Indeed, there is always two sides to a story, and one should not deduced anything just by listening to a side. I have made a mistake and I gladly admit it.

You see, I always thought that the senior is a little bit way too harsh to the temp. She is still harsh but now at least I know that it’s not without valid reasons. The temp had mentioned times and again that there is something wrong with the coding that is controlled by another department. I believed but never verified. I gave him the benefits of the doubt. I did asked if he can try other methods but it always seem like he had exhausted everything. Yesterday, I tried on my own and… sigh… it is true, that it seems like either he never try hard enough, or that his knowledge of it is limited. I would hope its the latter though my gut feel tells me otherwise.

Of course, I do understand that he has issues with his computer but that shouldn’t delay the work by that much (like weeks and months). In a way, I am a little disappointed, to think that I did try and protect him. So I guess I’m just going to move away and not shield him anymore. And I need to patch up his work by today to cover my own ass. Crap right? Yes, it is but I guess that’s life and I will take it with a pinch of salt.

My RO is going to have a talk with me later on. I wonder what it will be… but my guess is its regarding my future job. Well well, what do I like to do?

*smile smile*

Crafting, baking, designing and blah blah blah!

Everything needs a good plan. As I have mentioned, I have lots of ideas today and I would love to execute it. But looks like I will have to plan a little bit more ya? So GANBATTE! Let’s make today THE day!

12.59pm – Just bought my BK burger a while ago. And this old cashier uncle was complaining to another cashier auntie that just now there is one person who had no manners. Apparently he/she asked the cashier to shut up (not sure over what). Will we end up like that when we grow old? If the corporate world doesn’t want us anymore, what will we do? Since my country doesn’t really allow us to retire early unless the whole lifestyle had to change. It seems like I must start my own business no matter what…

Anyway, had an information overloaded session just now with my boss. He’s going to help me to talk to the HR boss and see if she wants me. So I will have to get my CV ready. And then it’s going to be 6 months soon, since I started working here. How time flies… and how fast things had changed… well, at least the impression that I got from my boss seems positive. “You are quite flexible and can swim everywhere.” The advantage of being a water element.

And now, it’s so noisy that I can’t sit in the pantry peacefully while I gather my thoughts. So I’m going to pack my things up and then head back to my seat, get my barangs and go up to pump. When am I stopping? I’m not sure. Like I said a long time ago, I’m trying hard not to shortchange the little one but I have forgotten when did I stop previously… shall think think through…

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