Thoughts – Trust in Them, No Need Minutes

My ass. There isn’t a need to write minutes because we trust them? No need to push them? We are not the people running this project? My ass again.

I’m sorry but I’m a little pissed now with myself for not insisting on writing the minutes for this particular project just because my senior manager told me there isn’t a need to when I first joined and asked. Fine, I mean if this is the culture then I shall not try and change it. But now people are turning around and saying things that we did not do!

It’s really sad and a bit pity that the trust is gone. That I am going to start writing minutes and sending out to them as I have used to do. Be it deliberately or not, the trust had been broken when words had been put into our mouth.


But what to do? We have nothing to back us up as everything was conveyed and brought up in a minutes-less meeting. Wooo… isn’t that good? 死无对证。

And what’s worse? The conversation history isn’t as reliable as it’s supposed to be! And that will be a new case tomorrow for the desktop people.

Right. It’s ok. I have learned my lesson so let’s moved on. I bloody hell love to write minutes.

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