Ramblings #1238

12.31am – It’s been quite a while since I have such feelings. To get out of corporate world and set up my own business entirely. Am I at fault? Yes, I admit that I am, partly. But again, for such things, there is no need for such great reactions. Likewise to some of my previous posts, if I did post.

Over-reaction. I can tolerate you once, twice and even thrice. But even if you are the manager, you have no rights to reprimand one till like that. And all these things can be corrected by positive guiding.

12.50am – Gosh. I think she is bi-polar too. Sigh…

Do I feel shortchanged? Yes in fact, I do. I didn’t sign up to be under a boss whom I don’t know that I will be under. I signed up because of the one that interviewed me, and that I felt the positive vibes and thus I quitted my job and came over. Don’t make me regret my decision… as much as you guys are choosing me, I am choosing you too.

7.29pm – Having diarrhea. High possibility its due to the milk that I drank. Not the first time it happened.

So how did things go today? Pretty well, I would say. The senior never flare up and she’s got a total change of attitude. She mentioned one point though, that she can think better today. So I guessed its the lack of sleep that resulted in her frustrations. Still, its a little too much.

Anyway, I decided to focus on clearing those tons of emails that I need to reply. Am feeling good for I cleared a lot of small ones. Will try and block tomorrow to focus on that one big piece of work and then I think I’m good.

Plans were made but of course need further elaboration and detailing. At least I’ve got some questions cleared. Am trying to think of who I can partner with for I doubt I’ve got the time and energy to carry out all.

Ah! Shall take the time now on the train to read up a book. Thats one of the pros for going back on my own. But…

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