7.49am – I can never imagine my life to be surrounded by just technology. Gadgets, new techs, news about this and that and blah. I’m working in the technology industry but it definitely doesn’t mean I am interested in it and thus I joined the company. I joined because of my qualification and experience. And that all came about because of a long time decision whereby I chose my degree course through elimination AT that point in time. If you asked me if I will change anything, I probably would. It was relative horrendous for me, to go through that 5 years of torture. But whatever! It’s over and I shall not look back.

Thank God today is Friday and we’ve got a long weekend ahead! I’ve got plans, definitely. And I hope I can stick to it a little bit more than usual. Of course, though I had wanted to achieve more than that, I guess I have to be a little bit more realistic.

Today will be a good day. For I read through 2 books already! I mean yesterday. It sure felt good to hold a physical book in your hand! Back to planning for now!

11.29am – Maybe I really am not suitable to plan my things in fixed rows and columns and straight lines. Liking my quadrant table now. Well, whatever that works.


5.45pm – So happy, so happy, sooooo happy! I managed to catch the bus and now I’m on my way home with the sky still bright! Woohoo! Feels soooooo wonderful!

Now, let me catch my breath while ranting out before I start doing other things. The day had been good. I’ve cleared quite a number of things and so far am liking the new way of organizing. I just need to be a little bit more discipline when it comes to the weekend.

I’ve got 3 days, what do you think I should do?

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