Thoughts – Upset Over Charity Collection

First and foremost, I have nothing against doing charity of any sort, except those coin donations that I’m skeptical about since the NKF incident.

I am extremely angry and upset to learn that my bags of clothings and soft toys that I put at the common corridor were lost when I came home just now. Today is the day of collection for charity by the Muhammadiyah Charity. We were given a piece of paper and from my knowledge, one is supposed to put that paper on those items to be donated so as not to create any misunderstanding. Note. I have nothing that I want to donate and that piece of paper is still in my house. I merely went out with my whole family, came back in the afternoon to see my 2 big bags gone.

No. There wasn’t anyone to prove that they took it by mistake but no one will come and open it up and take those bags of things away. So if they were to use this as a point, then there is absolutely nothing that I can do.

Yes, indeed it is my fault to have put the things that I want, outside of the house. But we never put it in an obvious place, e.g. right at the doorstep of the lift. It’s at one corner on a table with all our tables and chairs at the common corridor. And what I am upset about is, if in doubt, DON’T TAKE! Not asking and taking people things is equivalent to STEALING! Why do you want to risk taking the wrong things???? And if placing things outside in bags means its for charity, I think they can simply just go around the flats and take.

I’m not sure if I can get my things back. I called the number in that Muhammadiyah pamphlet and a guy took down my contact and the details of my description. But why do I have the feeling that they are just going to heck care and ignore my call, and probably will just (at best) apologize and said that the items had been sorted out and distributed.

I already called as early as I can. I’m writing it in my blog so that other people can take note. Not just them, but a lot of people nowadays does things without thinking. It’s all doing things blindly…

3 May: At least they called back after I called them several times today. And the person who called back was quite nice. He offered to give monetary compensation if they are unable to find (which I’m pretty sure). But sigh… one bag is still alright, the other one contains relatively good quality clothings… sigh… looks like I will have to update the items in my Carousell already…

But then again, at least they called back…

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