Ramblings #1241

8.15am – I’m trying to wake up to a nice day but I doubt it’s possible unless the call that I’ve been waiting for will come. I am still as upset over the Muhammadiyah Charity collection. But again, there is a very high possibility that I can never retrieve my items back.

What can I learn from this incident?
1. Never put those things you want outside your house
2. Never trust the lil’ hub to do things
3. Never depend on anyone where possible

It’s 2 bags of stuffs that I intend to sell. And that may amount to a few hundred bucks. And no, I don’t intend to donate to Charity in that way. Charity is done when one is willing and doing it wholeheartedly. I am one that does it and this is definitely not the way I want it to happen.

I seriously hope they will call me back soon. The later it is, the lesser the chance… that they won’t even call me back…

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