Ramblings #1246

6.30pm – Felt shortchanged? Yes definitely. But what can I do when I needed the cash. And I can’t possibly appear too disppointed in front of my director, right?

I left my previous workplace to be at one where I think I will quite like the job. But who knows within 6 months, I had to change my job scope due to an internal reshuffling. And though I’m given something totally out of my scope initially, I was anticipating it and feeling excited. But now that my director asked me to reconsider the final choice, honestly, I really am a little affected. It feels so wonderful to do things out of IT but now I might still need to be stuck in it. Worst still, it’s really IN IT. Is there no way out, really?

I went to the temple and I kept those 2 good ones, that are both of these choices. Maybe I should just burn the other one away and be firmed about what I want.

Anyway, let’s wait a while more… coincidentally, that possible boss went on MC due to shingles and thus my senior couldn’t check it out for me.

Whatever… at the very least, I’ve got my confirmation letter! Yippee!!

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