Thoughts – Probation is Over

It’s officially 6 months! Woohoo… not.

Today marks the day where I had worked in this new company for 6 months, which means my probation is officially over. By right it should be a joyful occasion but by left, I have no idea why I need to celebrate even though I was already confirmed since last week.

It’s 6am in the morning and the first 2 things that came into my mind the moment I woke up was the report that I need to generate later, and the profiling that I need to do, preferably by this week.

I still felt like they are trying to get rid of me as soon as possible. Where did that “stay here as long as you need till you find something” go to? Maybe I shouldn’t have agreed that I don’t mind being deployed because I actually do, somehow. Few months back and it would have been another story…

Well, life goes on… I still got a few mouths to feed. And unless I can find other alternatives. This will most likely be it…


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