Movie – X-Men: Apocalypse

Woohoo!! Nice movie! At least it is for me considering the fact that I had a relatively disappointing and interrupted Civil War a few weeks back. At least for this, its a totally undisturbed 145 minutes of enjoyment time with the lil’ hub. The best thing is, I’m watching it not when it’s almost going off screen! Oh well, I’m easily satisfied. *LOL*

So yes, the movie. One that I have waited for around 2 years. Basically if you can recall, the last one that they had showed clips of what will happen. I didn’t read those comics so I ain’t sure who Apocalypse was. And initially, before I watched this movie, I had this impression that he was an alien who came from outer space in this era. Turns out, he is not!

Then there were all the parts where it shows how the batch of X-Men (Scotts, Jean, Storm etc.) came about.

And of course, I shall not review too much since its only out yesterday. But all in all, I am quite happy with the plot for it links up a lot to the past X-men movies and answered some of my questions, e.g. how did Professor X become bald?

It also makes me wonder about the origin of human beings. After all, it is still quite a mystery on how pyramids are being built. And I’ve been wondering why does the pharaohs and what not always seems to be bigger. What’s with those masks too? Is it… hmmm…


Well, definitely a great movie to catch this weekends! I’ll give at least a 4 out of 5 stars for the plot and the graphics! And the hardly see much advertisements! (And yes, I am still very very sore about the last Transformers movie)

Hmmm… feels like watching the whole X-men movies now, in sequence (from how it started). Anyhow, enjoy then! ^^

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