Ramblings #1252

8.30am – On my journey to work in the extremely crowded bus now. There are actually a few things I had wanted to note down earlier on but due to my lazy self, I procrastinated. Since now, at this hour, I am still on the bus, I guess I might as well do something.

(1) I’m only left with 12% for my battery. So if this post were to be posted a few hours or days later, you know what happen. And that’s also part of the reasons why I’m contemplating in blogging with my soon going to be flat hp. It’s at 11% now.

(2) I am really happy that I never saw the carcass of a snail on my way to the bus stop just now, of which I saw earlier on while on my way to do the parent volunteer. Maybe it did heed my advice to ‘walk’ faster.

(3) An unknown kind auntie told me that the private bus that I’m waiting for had left. In fact, it’s very late and thus explains the crowds. Nonetheless I am thankful for being notified. If only everyone is as kind…

(4) Count your blessings and give thanks to your own God or whoever if you have a kid, especially if they are healthy. Heard from the lil’ hub that a friend had miscarriage again. I am so thankful again that I’m blessed with 2 wonderful kids and family.

(5) (At 10%) I have been proscrastinating again due to the lack of mood because of my posting. But I think my God/creator had been especially nice and gave me an opportunity just in the nick of time. I do hope everything will be finalised soon so that I can proceed and move on. It doesn’t feel good to be hanging in mid air. At the same time, I need to handover my stuffs over to… whoever that is available.

(6) Things are brewing but I need time to sort and execute it. One step at a time. That’s what Joey Yap said. And that’s also one area which I need to improve on.

(7) Little milkie’s school will be closing down EOY. Plans had been more or less confirmed with the lil’ hub, which I’m glad. I just need to tidy up some loose ends.

(8) I am so freaking hungry now. I think I will get Mac’s breakfast to fill me up today! Tomorrow I am on leave!!! Yippee!

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