Ramblings #1254

7.52am – The June holidays are here again, which marks the passing of almost half a year. What have I done? Nothing much.┬áThis is the umpteen times I have self-reflected to only realize that I hasn’t achieved much despite attempts to try again and again. Am I the only one having this problem? Or am I being too unrealistic for my plans?

Efforts look futile. Time wasted. Plans disrupted. Energy depleted. Mind emptied. Excuses given. Resolutions broken. I really wonder what was I doing at times. Is there no other ways to make me constantly motivated? Or should I just be glad that at least I have found a “home” in my workplace so that I won’t feel worse?

8.59am – So it had been confirmed, that I will be officially in my new home come next Monday. Is it a joy or curse? I’m not sure but I will think that it will be for the better and I will make sure it’s for the better. But the again, I am still not motivated…

9.44am – Muhammadiyah Charity. If you remembered what happened, it was about a month ago when this Charity wrongly collected my stuffs that I had put outside at the corridor area, which bear no sign of donating. Yes, again I admit that it was my fault to put something that I had wanted, outside if my house but then it also doesn’t mean that you can go around taking people’s stuffs so long it’s outside.

Anyway, we ding dong a bit and just a week after the incident, they proposed to offer me a small sum of money as compensation as they simply couldn’t find those things anymore. I agreed though a little uneasy especially after the guy told me that it will be forked out partly from the volunteers. Anyhow, I was quite happy with this charity and thought that maybe my first impression was bad. But then… hmmm… for the next 3 weeks, I called at least once a week for they agreed to pass the cheque to me, deposit it into my bank account, gave me fixed date and even time but none of it ever happen. So till now, sadly, I still hasn’t receive those money despite those promiseS. I’m not really hard up on those money but I just don’t like the fact that you can promise and break so easily. If there are issues, let me know. Otherwise… I seriously am not sure if this is too, a genuine charity organization anymore.

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