At times, one really have to deliberately take the time out to have some real fun with their own children…

It had been quite a while since little milkie requested to ride on that big bicycle (not sure what it’s called) for 4 persons after she saw the photo that she took it once when she was really young then. The lil’ hub isn’t a picnic person and I wasn’t the kind to bring the kids out on my own. And so I kept on dragging it (though it’s listed in my to-do list) until today. Should I thank Kidzania for making it so pricey such that the lil’ hub finds it not worth the money for a 4 years old kid, and thus in the end we had to change our plan?

Nevertheless it was great and I’m glad that he don’t mind being out in the sun just because I mentioned that his daugther had been dying to go.

And so, we packed up and went for East Coast Park around 10-ish. The weather was good, no rain but the sky is cloudy, and thus it wasn’t that hot. Maybe they heard the wish of a little girl (little milkie was asking the sky to not rain last night) and so decided to make it a nice day for her.

We rented the bicycle (I will simply call it that) at $40 for 2 hours. That was the weekday rate. Apparently for weekends, you paid the same price for just an hour. That was the shop beside the Burger King.


Know what happens next? Screams of excitement from both of them especially little milo. They were both seated in front, secured by the seat belt. Secure? I do have some doubts for little milo but that was the only thing available. Thus, I had to constantly keep a lookout to ensure that he don’t slip off after those fidgeting around. There are 4 peddlars behind, direction and brake being controlled by the left front cyclist. The seats are spacious enough to even cater for 3 persons in a row! Except that whoever is cycling will have a harder time.

Anyhow, we cycled all the way to where Big Splash previously was. Little milo drank and took a power nap in between. It would had been a cheap ride had my dad not dropped his watch that he put inside his pocket. He dropped little milo’s handkerchief too while carrying him but we managed to retrieve it back while on the way back.

Then we proceeded on to sand playing. It was the first time where little milo played with the sand and I’m happy that he wasn’t really scare of it. In fact, after around 10 minutes, he got so comfortable that he dropped the spade and started using his bare hands to, well, grab the sand, feel the texture and let it drop onto his shorts. Little milkie on the other hand, was busy filling up her pail with sand.


Though tired and messy, it was really fun especially with that nice cool breeze. Definitely a nice family activity on a weekday. I wouldn’t really recommend it on a weekend for the traffic on the cycling track would have been too heavy to enjoy without trying hard not to bump into anyone.

Will try and do this again when little milo is a little older. For now, I am going to sleep. My aching body and legs desperately needed a good rest… goodnight…

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