10.54am – I’m not in a good mood today. In fact, it had been a few days since I’m feeling this way. Even the baking and cake decorating with the kids yesterday doesn’t help to lift my spirits up. Is there something wrong?

The head felt heavy.

Had been feeling nauseous (no, there is no way that I’m pregnant).

Lack of sleep.

Out of breath.


It had been quite a while, I would say, that I felt so moody. Its not the usual mood swings. It’s those on a bigger scale. The kind where it’s not that easy to keep it under control. And it doesn’t seem right when my birthday is coming. It’s supposed to be one of the days that I’m looking forward to.

1.37pm – Had a piece of chocolate banana but… the mood is still not any better…


4.52pm – Got caught by one ex-colleague to go for a drink. Well, looks like it will be a little difficult for me to reject again…

7.03pm – Wow! After¬†almost 6¬†years, I’m so glad I finally saw this ex-colleague of mine again! *CHEERS!*

somewhere down the road, unknowingly, I twisted my right ankle…

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