So… in less than 15 minutes, I would have officially gone through 3 cycles of my Chinese zodiac. Goodness. 3 cycles. Can you imagine that?

I never would have thought that my life would be as such at one cycle back. At 24, I just got myself attached and having the idea of getting detached (looooong story). Trying to make sure I graduated and shifted my study table and what not based on fengshui. (that was when I started believing in external unseen forces). Am probably also trying to think of the jobs that I can do after I’ve graduated, including starting a business with my dear friend (which till now we haven’t succeeded). Life was rather carefree but routine due to me ex-routined-boyfriend (that was just part of the reasons for the earlier statements).

Anyhow, has things gone better?

Well… I celebrated my 36th birthday with a haven’t recovered twisted ankle (that caused me to limp for the whole day), bruised knee and a I-have-no-idea-why-was-it-painful spot on my cheek (as if someone punched me). I am glad though that it had already gotten better. The lil’ hub cooked instant noodle for me the night before (which was a rare event) and best of all, he actually washed the dishes!!! Yes, sadly that probably happens once a year… Anyway in the morning, as usual, I’ve got the morning shift and had to wake up at 7am when that little milo started making grumbling noises. I would have appreciated a lot more had the lil’ hub took both the wee hours and the early morning shift *LOL* (reminder: no expectation)

We then proceed to very very slowly and finally decided to head on to Punggol Settlement for lunch. It was nice for I FINALLY had a chance to dine at that place which the lil’ hub and my sis had been bragging about. Then we took a walk around that area before some of us proceeded for a drink at the nearby McDonald’s. And then more or less that’s it. Back at home, cut the cake (with a crying baby who is scare that he is deprived of it) and back to normal. Nice? Yes, simple and nice except that I felt like I haven’t really achieved much (which I believe I can) other than having 2 little naughty sweethearts. Have I finally hit my mid-life crisis?


I’ve got one thousand and one things that I need to do, which I had been procrastinating for eons. Tidying up, doing up my intended sites, teaching the young ones, saving up, planning for our new house, clearing up the backlogs at work, setting up the knowledge corner, reducing the fats and more. Yet all these seem to occur only in my head, and that goes the same for my blog postS.

Worst thing, all these ramblings seem all so familiar. Have I complained about it before? I think I did and that makes it even more sad because it means that I haven’t done anything yet… and nothing will change if my actions don’t change!

I kept asking myself should I just give up and stop trying to do so much but I think I would end up dreading my life if I were to do that. SO! I am going to try AGAIN! Wish me luck!

…before sleep…

Game: Say anything that is black. Milkie vs dad

…after a long while…

Dad: dark chocolate.
Mum: that is not black.
Dad: if it’s not black then what?
Mum: it’s dark chocolate.
Dad: it’s black.
Mum: …
Milkie: *mentioned some other item*
Dad: the chocolate cake (chocolate flakes) that i bought for mummy just now.
Mum: *Wtf*

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