Ramblings – Bottle-less & Arrowed

7.50am – It felt like thousands of arrow had been shot at me earlier on, suddenly, when my RO asked me to sit in for her for all her 3 meetings today because she fell sick. *strike off the earlier plans that I had made in my head for myself*

It wasn’t really that bad, to be truthful. The worst thing came when I’m already nearing my bus stop and attempted to take a big sip of water, and realised that I had forgotten to take my bottle out *shock*. I brought a bag without my bottle… had I not walk over to take the piece of bread first to munch, I would have gone directly to the bottle… my bad…


And no, I don’t have a spare bottle in my office, and I hated using cups because I need to keep on walking around. Darn.

I am dehydrating on the bus… and if you noticed that my ramblings running numbers stopped, that’s because I have decided to go back to cute titles. Or maybe my brain is drying up, so I’m not sure what I’m thinking anymore… whatever… *dried*

6.56pm – As I look out of the window from my seat, the sun begins to set… I wondered, did I make the right decision to come to this department, where I know nuts at all? And when at this time, ALL of my team mates are still here? Hmm… I hope not… I hope not…

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