Ramblings – Lost Trust with Muhammadiyah Charity

It’s been dragging and it still is dragging, after almost 2 months. I’m not too sure what kind of Charity organization anymore and whether it is TRUSTWORTHY.

Some background history. I put 2 big old bags of my items (mainly clothings) for my yardsale, outside at the corridor area. It wasn’t outside my door, it was on top of a table together with some chairs and barangs that we had put outside. For months, nobody touched it.

One fine day, we came back and realised that the 2 bags are missing. And the first thing that came to our mind is the collection of old clothings from this Muhammadiyah Charity as they were collecting during the period we weren’t at home (few hours). So I called them immediately in the hope that I can retrieve it back. That was around 2-3 hours after the scheduled collection time. The guy who picked up the phone told me that he will let the person in charge to know about this. That was it.

The next day, someone from there called me and said they couldn’t find but they will try again. And then 2 days later, the same person called me and said some of their clothes are directly distributed out (I am not sure to who). So he said they will compensate me. Fine. He suggested a small amount and I accepted it since I could possibly not have gotten anything back had it been stolen, since I do admit that it is partly my fault and that there is a possibility that it wasn’t them. Anyway, I accepted their kind gesture and am so impressed that they actually will deliver the cheque to me. That was 2 weeks after the incident.

On the day where I’m supposed to receive the cheque, nothing came. So I called the next day and the guy who picked up the phone told me that they will transfer the funds to me by a few days later and that I should be able to receive next week. Fine. So I gave them my bank account number and waited.

The following week, I checked on a Wednesday, thinkin that it would have gone through even if they were deposit it on a Sunday or whatsoever but again, I never receive anything. SO I called the next day again and the guy said he will check. By the time he called back, he gave me another date and time. Great. I started to wonder what’s happening but nevertheless, it is a Charity group, I shall not be too pushy since still, it is of good gesture.

The final straw came when I never receive anything yet again 2 weeks later, not that I never called but nobody picked it up at the recycling department. By the time I called last week to the HQ instead, another guy told me that he had checked and they had already transferred the money to me. BS.

I sweared that I have never received anything from them. Not even a cent. So the guy told me he will check and get back to me, which he never. Just now, I called again and he repeated the same thing, that they had already transferred. He did mention that he will check and call me back but I’m not sure anymore. The trust is gone and this Charity ain’t reliable.

It’s not about the money anymore, honestly. I can forgo that small sum of money. I have learned not to put anything that I still wanted outside at the corridor. I have also added one more not to be trusted Charity organization in the black list, and that is none other than Muhammadiyah Charity. I have no idea who is the one lying or if there is anyone taking the funds away. I’m not even sure if those things that people donated are actually provided for the needies. Whatever the case, I’ve lost my faith in you, Muhammadiyah Charity. What irritates me was the promises that were broken again and again.


At around 4.05pm, I called that guy again because he hasn’t called back. He said he will call me half an hour later. It’s already 45 minutes gone… I have dealt with 3 different person so far and sadly… sigh…

5pm – I called and someone transferred the line. While waiting, there seems to be someone picking up the phone to check if I hung up. After about a minute, someone picked up and told me that he is not at his desk and asked me to call 10 minutes later. I shall do that and see what happens… I am getting so curious on how much and how far they can push. And I wonder how come their reviews are still so positive. How about those people who they claimed to have encounter such issues like mine? Have they received the compensation? Again? I never receive it… and no matter what, I need to get this cleared.

5.45pm – Suddenly, I felt like I’m helping to investigate some crimes. The guy picked up and I asked him how is the situation. So he said the lady who mentioned that the amount was transferred couldn’t find the receipt and they are still searching for it. I told him that my statements clearly showed that I never received and that if the funds were really transferred, it basically means someone else took the money. Anyway I asked if he wants my statements to show as proof. So he gave me an email address to send, which is the general email. Now… if someone were to really take the money, who will it most likely be?

Yup! The person who deposited the money!

And it’s so easy to say that the receipt was lost… for goodness sake… I have statements too!!

*in the middle of a CSI*

27 Jun 9.11am – Just sent the email over with a copy of my statement. I really wonder if anyone will entertain me or will this issue simply just dissolve by itself and then one can imagine the triumph smile on whoever that took the money…

30 Jun 7.41am – I’m 98% sure that no one is going to entertain that email of mine. Should I call again later? Darn. I’m so sick of this but at the same time I am still pissed! If don’t want to compensate then in the first place don’t give me such craps. Wasted so much of my time. Charity organisation… fake ones… I wonder where are all the honest people…

23 Aug 8.03am – The lil’ hub sent a few emails to I’m not sure where but there isn’t any news from there either. All these charity groups…

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