Ramblings – School Holiday is Over

7.56am – Bling! It’s officially over!! I meant the school holiday. *LOL* Oh well, it doesn’t really affect me, I’m still working and I’m on my way to work after a noisier morning compared to the rest as it’s the first day my little milkie took the school bus, which means an earlier waking up time for my parents. I’m not really affected again as I woke up earlier, not by default, but by forcing myself.

Anyway, the June holidays are over and that usually is an indication of half a year’s gone. Tad too fast when I don’t seem to have completed much but at the same time, it’s an alarm alert for me, to remind me how much time I’ve lost.

There’s quite a number of things that I wanted to finish especially something like clearing up my room. It’s scary when you kept losing thing. And you know you have to do something when you can’t find the good luck bracelet that total up to $700 bucks with all those charms. Ouch. Not to mention some other vouchers… sigh… Something always went missing when you came home one day to find your table and room slightly neater than usual. I can’t really fault little milkie. I’m the one who gave her that drawer but yet never really guide her nor be a good example on keeping things neat. I can’t fault my dad. He tidied for me but… I’m always able to find my things amidst the messiness…

Okay, there’s no point rambling on that. I just had to think of a plan and work on it. Today shall be the day!

8.23am – RO’s son fell and injured his arms yesterday and is on cast. So she won’t be coming into the office. Poor thing… can’t imagine a four year old kid needing a cast. Must be really painful…

And I realised I’ve forgotten to take out my retainers. Urgh.

9.20am – Honestly, I am still quite lost in my job. There wasn’t a proper handover and there wasn’t much introduction. Now I’m thrown to handle things where I’m having lots of ??????.

11.22am – Someone just came to our office to get a sample of our air. I wonder why so sudden… or is this a regular thing? How do I know? According to my colleague, I bio-ed their equipments. Of course I had to. Even if I were to die suddenly, I would like to know why. Hmm… or maybe not. *LOL*

Am still listing down what I need to do. Pressing on!!

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