Ramblings – Short Bursts of Shocks

7.44am – It’s still relatively early in the morning but it doesn’t feel good to get burst of shocks one after another.

The first one came while I was doing my ‘business’ just now and clicked on the HayDay icon on my phone. I didn’t notice it till a while later… where did my diamonds go?!!!! From 200+++ till 99 left!!!! Little milkie. That’s the name followed by the image of her pressing to get the crops done. Gosh. And what did she sell in my shop????? Gosh… it all looks cheap. *pulls hair*

Shortly after, I came out from the toilet and walked to the living room and *shock*! Little milo is nowhere to be seen! At least from where I stood. And I thought he was still sleeping just before I went into the toilet (I didn’t take that long)! Apparently he managed to sneak out from his ‘prison’ yet again. That’s the problem when you have a crawling baby.

The last one came while I was going into the lift. Wanted to start blogging, especially on that disappointing Muhammadiyah Charity, but to realise that there’s only 15% of the battery left when the *beep beep* alert came out. Now it’s only 10% left. Looks like I can only sleep…

It’s still a good day right?

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