Ramblings – Just a Dream

My eyes caught upon a familiar face across the crowded room. He’s talking to someone and I’m alone. Why am I alone? And whose house am I in? Are we having some kind of celebrations? As the crowd started to disperse, he finally turned around and smiled at me, as if he knew that I had been starring at him for a long time. I started to walk towards him, smiling too and then as I stood in front of him, he gently kissed me on the lips and then gave me the biggest warmest hug ever. The hug felt familiar too… and I knew I love it… Shane. That’s his name. But why am I here?

*a background music started to go off…*

6.45am – Right… it’s just a dream. I must be too lack of hugs of recent… and it’s Tuesday, which means I need to work…

1.52pm – The lil’ hub said want to treat me nicer and bring me to go for our long overdue honeymoon! Did he read my blog? *LOL* Doubt so…

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