7.59am – Have you ever had those experience whereby you tried hard to think and plan but your mind is simply BLANK?

It’s a Friday but it wasn’t exactly one that I’ve wanted. I can definitely do without the splitting headache that I’m having now, most likely due to sleep deficiency caused by the consecutive 2 nights. Asked my mum and she will say, “She’s so naughty, only you will do all these things for her.”. And then the lil’ hub would say, “Who asked you to go and find all these troubles yourself. Just be general and buy a cake will do. You deserved it.”.

Yes, I know I know. The managers. I’m quite done talking to them at times. I could never really see eye to eye with them. How can one only dotes on the obedient one and not the naughty one? Wouldn’t that only caused them to become worse? (But it’s also true that little milkie is getting a little out of hand and pinching is definitely something I don’t encourage, yet wth are you teaching, mum?)

Simply buy a cake? Yes, I could jolly well do that to spare me from all these work but its the thoughts and the process! I don’t get it why is it till now you still can’t get it! But then again, so did my mum. Well, most of the things that I do and like are dumb to you guys anyway, and people who has no targets or much interests in life are dumb to me. So great! We’ve got a common understanding of each other!

Now, where was I?

Ah yes. Sleep. It was supposed to be quite a (poorly) planned Thursday and Friday, with me finishing up the figurines and then baking for tonight. Everything was going fine and I was trying to finish up the Tsum Tsum Sven figurine (without the eyes) when my mum started scolding little milkie. Why? She threw a small ball right at poor little milo’s face, who was sleeping, which woke him up. That was 11.30pm already. Tada!


He woke up. She got scolded. Still tried to hit my mum and me. Pinched my mum and thus I hit her hand and gave her a good scolding. I’m not sure if she listened for the whole session, she was glaring at me. But ah, focus wasn’t on her hitting her little brother, instead it’s on her hitting people when she is the one in the wrong.

Well, that scene was over and she was forced to sleep at 12-ish after I finished cleaning up and bathed. Then there comes the younger one who was so happily screaming and crawling around. I can’t blame him for waking up and so I had to spend some time to tuck him in. That was 1-ish in the morning.

Then the morning came… and thanks to my messy character, I couldn’t find my recipe booklet in the mess, one which I should have put it online somewhere. I don’t know where did my mum put my tights. A baby was crawling around and I had to keep on taking note. An older baby didn’t have enough sleep and so woke up with a big fuss. My mum was nagging at me for not waking her up early (I tried once before and got reprimanded for waking you guys too early). And then I dashed out of the house to find the lift going up, up and up. So I took the stairs and by the time I reached the traffic lights, I saw the bus reaching. And don’t know which brilliant mind was that to suggest going to the other side (5-10 minutes walk) to take another bus instead. Bad decision. I reached and saw a premium bus went off. Was cursing and swearing before I realised, thankfully, that wasn’t the one I want to take. It came a minute later.

Now I’m almost reaching my office and I need food. Set B maybe? What’s the plans for tonight then? I don’t know. Will think later. Crap.

8.47am – Maybe the events started going wrong when I forgot to pass the lil’ hub’s wallet back to him after dinner. But by hook or by crook, I need to bake tonight. I won’t have the time tomorrow…

12.15pm – Crap. The bad luck is still here. Was wondering what to eat for lunch and finally decided to eat my Long John Silver and then I saw this:


1.09pm – No packets of porridge for baby in this whole building of Vivocity. And I sure am going to condemn this vegetable rice stall at Tuckshop at level 3 of Harbourfront. $6.50 for 2 veg and a fish. Goodness.

3.51pm – Trying to recall an email… sigh… I am so glad that it’s Friday.

4.46pm – Let’s be honest. I really had zero background on whatever that I’m doing. And to ask me to try and fill in the table using the data and little knowledge that I have… hmm… I felt like I’m blindly swimming on my own and hoping to find the shore soon. Sigh…

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