2.13pm – At times I really wonder why do I still continue to plan this and that and in the end to get myself shot. Am in Bugis area… had wanted to bring the 2 little kids to the SAM at 8Q. But before we reached, the lil’ hub asked to check the carpark rates. Gosh. Something which doesn’t bother me. Fine. Checked and it was quite expensive and immediately his face changed and asked me how long are we going to stay here, and then continued with, “Let’s just go home.”. Great. Don’t expect me to suggest anything anymore. Sometimes I did pity my kids. They don’t have a choice. I just blame myself for being stupid to continue with my choice.

2.23pm – Apparently the thinking process is getting faster and faster. It took him only minutes and a question (“Did little milkie know where we are going?”) to decide to queue and park at somewhere nearby. Sigh… why do I have to suffer this?? I hope its fun or at least the kids enjoy themselves at SAM at 8Q. Otherwise my ears will have to endure again… URGH!

5.23pm – All is safe and it’s so nice to see the kids looking so happy and enjoying themselves on such small rides…


11.00pm – Tiring day. From painting early in the morning, to the small museum, to eating and taking fun rides, to checking out the new cars and library. That’s it. Batteries’ flat. Goodnight folks…

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