Ramblings – Is it Monday Already?

7.28am – Monday blues… really blues… I can’t believe it’s a Monday already. Have I rested? Maybe I should simply spend the time to rest at home but alas, am constantly in a dilemma between bringing the kids out or staying at home to do something. After all, how many times in a week can you bring the children out?

Anyway it’s a bright sunny day with my mum grumbling at me early in the morning for getting but not drinking the herbal tea yesterday and some other things which I totally didn’t catch. Otherwise everything else looks the same. I’m off to work! Let’s hope the weather will continue to stay nice nice today!

9.42am – Looks like I will have to eat grass for the next 2 months or more. Overspent way too much for last month. June holidays and celebrations. Urgh. Frugal. Frugal. Frugal living…

6.57pm – End of the work day. Am still feeling blue. To be exact, it’s much worse than before. There’s a sense of loss and uselessness. The mind is blank and am stoning at a distance away from 2 persons who are trying to sell something near to the bus stop. Sigh… it’s not good to be feeling this way.

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