2.28am – Never a good thing to be awake when I already bid goodnight earlier on… Gosh… the whole air is now filled with the pukes’ smell… Little milkie woke up 10 minutes ago, coughed and puked. And now she insisted to SWITCH ON AIR-CON and sleep in the same room…

3.16am – I am still awake and am trying to get myself to sleep after this. Nope, little milkie is already sound asleep, it’s my own problem…

5.53am – Great. She wakes me up when she wants to pee but… >.<

7.05am – Darn! I’m late!!

7.31am – You saw him holding onto your mum’s Nivea moisturiser earlier on and you thought, it’s okay to hold since it doesn’t open that easily (‘cos too slippery). And then the next moment, to your horror, the blue tie was on the floor and he was grabbing something whitish in his hands. *shocked* #neverunderestimateatoddler

7.59am – Snowballing… it’s snowballing again… IT’S PROPAGATING!! Sigh… that bloody hell premium bus 729 just left right in front of me. I am not late. I was waiting there. It was raining. I saw it coming. There were 2 buses stopping in front. It didn’t come near to the bus stop. It stopped briefly at the edge of the sideway and then turned out and left. So here I am, sitting on the public bus, and going to change to a train later, and praying that I won’t be too late…


But I think that I should still be grateful. That I’ve got a seat in this relatively packed bus at this hour. Except that I’m unable to comfortably take out my crafting tools which I planned to. Never mind, I shall take things in my stride. It should still be a beautiful day.

9.08am – I am still on the train… URGH.

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