Can you believe it?! It’s a box for $50! You can fill in as many books as you can so long as it can be ‘taped’ up relatively flatly!

It was the first time that I went for such event. Apparently it seems like a yearly one but I didn’t know about it until now. And so, I decided to apply for a half day off and try it out.

I was late, actually. It started at 1pm on the first day but I only managed to reach at around 1.45pm. I would say lots of good stuffs are probably already taken but nonetheless, I still managed to get a box of 25 books, which are generally those bigger hardcover books!!

The crowd was so overwhelming so much so that they have to stop people from coming in. Thus whoever that came a bit later had to queue up and wait outside. But thankfully for that, I was able to move a little bit more freely.

Some tips that I’ve learned. If you are coming by car, or someone is fetching you, good. At least you save the trouble of wondering how to carry it back because it really is quite heavy. The parking is terrible so preferably don’t park too near. They don’t allow cars in too (not sure if you went in early though). If you have a marketing trolley or carts, bring them. It’ll save you a real lot. I came from work and so I didn’t bring any but I was glad that I brought 2 reusable bags where I dumped my books in (and threw away the carton after that). Lastly, there’s no point carrying the box around. Find a corner, use an empty bag or what to cover the books in the box, and go shop around (if you are alone and there’s no one to help to look after for you)!!

Enjoy!! I am so tempted to go again! *LOL*

booksale-2016 25-books-in-a-box

Totally satisfied with my loot!!

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