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9.37am – It’s a struggle for me. Should I or should I not? Had I still be in my old workplace, there wouldn’t be any second thoughts… I wonder how is it like other than the first day. Would it be less crowded? Will there still be nice books? It would only be a 45 min stay at most if I decided to go. Hmm…

2.20pm – In the end, I did go for it. Oops. 4th day of the book sale at Ang Mo Kio, Pansing Distribution building. So how was it? Well, I reached there about 10 minutes before 1pm and it wasn’t open yet. There was already a queue, like around 40 people in front of me, which wasn’t too bad. It opened at 1pm sharp and then we went in orderly. I headed straight to the cooking section whereas most of them went for the children’s and fiction corner. I was very happy that I managed to grab some books that I’ve wanted. Had I reached a little later, it would have been gone. Meaning? There wasn’t as many books as on the first day. Some sections were half the size as the first day. It took me quite a number of rounds to grab the books and fill the box.

Nonetheless as per planned, I’m done and good to go at 45 minutes later. I didn’t take the box, instead I brought my own recycle bags and the cashier and assistants helped me to pack them in. 27 books for $50. That’s the damage. I got back at 2.20pm, which was later then I had expected, thanks to a delivery guy who got stuck at the gantry… And wasted a dollar of mine.

Well, all and all, it’s the experience that matters. So first, if possible go with someone. Reach earlier, 30 minutes or more, especially for the first day, if you intend to grab some good stuffs. Then find a good corner to safeguard the books that you have collected. Remember to cover it with some bags or what. Leaving the books uncovered in the carton box on the floor is a very dangerous move. Lastly, best to get a marketing trolley. And drink some water before you start!

Shall wait for the next round! *LOL*

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