Ramblings – 3 Hours of Light Sleep

8.06am – It’s already bad enough that your sleep ain’t enough. It gets worse when the sleep was light and bad. Darn. Today is Friday and I really thank God that it is. The partly self-created lack of sleep for these 2 days is going to drive me crazy.

Deadlines. Plans. Future.

Yes, it’s back again, planning for our future. Had a talk (again) with the lil’ hub on our plans in the future with regards to our career. Fruitful? I’m not too sure. He seems stuck as usual. I seriously am not sure what is holding him back. I know for myself, I procrastinate and thus the delay but otherwise my choice had been made since years ago.

Anyhow, shall use today for planning and catching up of some work. I’ve got tons of things to read.

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