Ramblings – First it’s Influenza, then Haze and now Zika

7.58am – Exclamation mark, a.k.a. !!!, is a very sensitive punctuation mark to use. Please use it with care. To use it early in the morning definitely don’t bring happiness to a person unless it’s for joyous occasions. I know that you are pissed with that mozzie(s) that bit your son like 10 times, mine isn’t any lesser with 7 bites on her that swelled till a big lump, which I think yours did not. Get the facts right, it didn’t occur in my house. Even if it did, we would already have done whatever to prevent future bitings before getting bored from pokemoning!!!!!!


9.16am – Something is obviously wrong with the whole world if you haven’t realise it by now. It’s not in balance and thus nature is balancing it with its own ways. Barely 2 weeks ago, I visited a doctor for my slight cough and he told me that there’s an increase in the number of cases of people having flu and cough. And then a week later, as I sat on my seat in office, looking out of the window, suddenly out of nowhere, you can see the haze or smoke or whatever its called, coming closer to you and then yes, the whole nice sea view became blurry. The haze came, again. And then a few days later, finally it came the news on Zika which came in fast and furious. Up, up and UP the number goes, everyday. Masks were first cleared and then now the mosquitoes repellant. At times I did wonder if its those companies that started it all so that they can earn through it.

Whatever the case, please get some mozzies patches or repellants. Its running out of stock soon everywhere though it will eventually be replenished. Be extra careful if you are pregnant or planning to be. Avoid areas that are in the danger zone. Prevent, prevent and prevent.

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