Thoughts – Flare Up, My MIL

I hope it’s not those words that I’ve said to her at times that caused her to have the idea that she should be angry with the lil’ hub when he is in the wrong, and scold him when required. For if it did then I am deeply sorry that I’ve said those words and not thoroughly enough.

It took me by surprise, honestly, to see the lil’ hub walked out of the restroom, shouting into the phone and the next moment, he hung up. Then he called again to confirm, shouted a few lines and hung up again.

It was supposed to be a joyous occasion. It was my MIL’s birthday. And we were about to get the birthday cake had the lil’ hub decided to head for the restroom first instead. I’m glad we did in a way because otherwise the cake would be for nothing. But at the same time, if he didn’t have that tummy ache, we probably would already be on our way.

This was what happened. It was her birthday and the lil’ hub called around 4-ish to inform his mom, who had forgotten her own birthday, to go out and have dinner with my parents as well to celebrate for her birthday, and that we will be picking her up at 5-ish. After that the lil’ hub went to cut his hair and as the queue was very long, it took longer than expected and by the time he finished the haircut and big business, it was about 6pm where the MIL called angrily and scolded the lil’ hub.

Of course it took the lil’ hub by surprise as it wasn’t an uncommon thing that he was late. What pissed him off was she said she’s not going and the lil’ hub thought that it was totally unreasonable just for this fact. Furthermore people are celebrating for her and that she’s not appreciating it. Well, the MIL did call to tell him to not ask me to get her to go, which the lil’ hub responded with a very harsh statement saying that she can continue to dream as no one is begging her to go and that she can continue to be alone as no one would be celebrating it for her anymore.

After thoughts:

(1) It is indeed wrong of us to be late and still not even on our way to fetch her, and that we never notified her too.

(2) It’s weird that she would flare up because it is so common. When was the last time he was not late?

(3) Maybe it did really pisses her off until she can’t accept it. But to flare up at an occasion with your in-laws going and waiting for you too is like… WTF.

(4) The elder grandkid was definitely disappointed and it’s not easy to explain it to a kid to ensure positive and reasonable behaviour for all parties (the lil’ hub was literally scolding all the way while I tried to divert his attention).

(5) I might be in the wrong to get her to be involved in my family’s events. Maybe, just maybe, she never liked all these crowds, which basically means in future, I ain’t going to ask. I’m sorry but I don’t beg either nor do I like to force.

Like mother, like son. At times I really do see my lil’ hub in her. Like I’ve always said, hers is constrained due to the lil’ hub, otherwise, I doubt it will be much of a difference from the lil’ hub.

Good luck to me.

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