10.02am – I’m not trying to rant. Okay fine, maybe I am. To be doing manual checkings with a splitting headache is not a good way to start the day. I really wondered why am I in this job doing everything so manually. It’s only 3 months and I’m having some resentment. Not because of the colleagues but more of the way in how it’s being done.

Simple things are being made complicated. Mess, mess and mess. It doesn’t help when my own room is in one and I had to go to the office to face another mess, a different kind though.

Sigh… maybe I should stop my pokemon-ing and get enough rest. Will that help?

10.55am – Why do I seem to be the one worrying while you just busy yourself with work? *headache*

Maybe I ought to be on leave today. Doing manual work and becoming an executive doesn’t sound right to me for my career path. What the hell am I doing in this department?

11.57pm – Not much appetite and yet I am eating this.


12.36pm – Unfinished food. Dirty hands. 2 mozzies’ bites. For a Hypno, which I don’t have. Worth it? At this point, yes, but I am beginning to wonder if it is really, to stay up so late just to catch all these pokemons and trading it for sleep as well as time with the kids. Something for me to ponder.

1.26pm – Why is everything done so manually!!!! Goodness! And you wanted to create a SN. Start from internal please. Start from the basics!

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