7.27am – Let’s see how long you took. We are supposed to be out by 7.50am.

7.33am – SHOUTOUT: Go back to your mom! I’m not your maid! I don’t pamper you like sh*t, you pampered prince! If my mom is a pampered princess, you are a hundred times worse! How many times do I have to tell you to remind me at night and not early in the morning where I might be rushing for work too?! Your mom don’t appreciate people celebrating for her? I doubt you appreciate my parents helping you to take care of our two kids either! You are used to being late for work but I am not! I took it only because you kindly offer it! If this is going to be such a torture to wake you up, then I rather go on my own. That black face and as if we owed you something, is not something that I asked for early in the morning. Sorry but f you.

7.45am – Breathe… cool down…

He who angers you conquers you. ~ Elizabeth Kenny


1.31pm – Caught another one. It’s the 3rd one so far. Not bad. Not bad. *grinning*


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