In one’s life, there’s probably only a handful of people that will brighten up your day, and that you can talk about anything under the sun. I’m blessed with quite a handful although I did not contact with some of them to avoid any misunderstandings. And I am really grateful to know of this dear friend, who was an ex-colleague, and furthermore one which I had to “beware” of, due to our job scope.

We didn’t talk much in the office previously. At least, initially, for my boss told me to take note of what I said as he is an auditor. I did as per what I was told. It was until a job trip with him that things changed. He wasn’t as scary as what my boss had portrayed him to me. And as far as I know, talking to him about non-work things instead of not talking at all is far more easier.

As the saying goes, “Better an honest enemy, than a false friend.”

He is one darn honest chap I would say. Maybe it’s because of his upbringing. And as he travelled quite a lot, I get to hear lots of stories about other countries.

Anyway, it’s been almost a year since we last saw each other after we resigned from our previous company one after another (such a coincidence!). Today, as I was walking towards the hawker centre area for my lunch, someone called my name. It was him alright. He was as surprise and happy as I was? For he said he hasn’t seen any familiar face ever since he works here. And I happened to be on course for these 2 days. Was wondering what and where to eat when he pops up. He had his lunch and so he just sat down and accompanied me. We catched up on what happened for the past year. It was a nice lunch.

I’m really glad to have made such a friend. Just documenting it because I was really happy to see him again. *hugs*

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