It’s been a while. That’s the words I saw on a friend’s FB page. Indeed it has been a while, just a short while but still a while.

Good morning. Today is Monday and the sky is clear. I’m sitting in my office with a half-eaten breakfast. Appetite’s not back yet and the runs continue. Hasn’t been feeling so pukey since my last pregnancy and don’t worry *pat pat*, I am not pregnant. Two is enough.

Life’s thus far, thank God, still good. Lots of things are happening at the same time and I’m trying to cope with it all. So let’s just have a simple and short recap about my life now.


Sick due to food poisoning. In somewhat a daze due to medication. Jellied legs due to the runs and lack of appetite. Slimmed down unhealthily though, I can feel my dress a bit loosen today.

Career in a mess. Don’t even know if I entered the correct department. Felt unwanted yet again for my boss had seen my ‘sup’ twice if not more and asked her which she prefered, while she hasn’t spoken to me yet. And whatever that she intended me to do otherwise, has again, totally no relevance with whatever that I am being engaged to do INITIALLY. To experience that twice in a row in such a short span of time is NOT a fuel for the morale. In short, I felt screwed, big time.

Business or hobby still seems¬†far away. A friend had asked me to consider doing it full time but will it fetch the same amount of money? That’s the one thing that I worry for I need those to pay the bills. I’m trying and am still trying although¬†a wise man once said, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”. So let’s just say I’m working towards it, at a pace which I hope it was way faster. But better to be slow than stagnant.


Like me. He seems to be in a sh*t hole but yet can’t really get out. I hope he can endure through this. Market’s not really that good yet which means it’s not going to be easy to look for jobs.


FANTASTIC! They had been relatively obedient these days to sleep earlier than before, like before 11pm, which actually gave me some time to do a little bit of things before I hit the bed. Little milo’s finally learning to walk nowadays and we had to hold on to him or else chase after him to ensure that he don’t knock into anything. Parent’s house isn’t exactly that children friendly. His little face is healing and is lot better today. The infected area has gone off by 50%. Looks like it’s really the allergy caused by the steroid cream that isn’t suitable for him. Finally can see some of his true face. *LOL* Little milkie is as per her usual self. Talking non-stop and irritatingly adorable, and irritating. She still looks and talks adorably except that it’s irritating. I can see some of her right brain training working but of course, it’s the right brain, which is the creative part. No wonder she can’t read yet! Oops. But I must trust the method that I chose.


Great. Just great. I hope it stays like this forever. Am currently planning for the Halloween event. Do you want to know what’s the theme for this year? Nah… I’m not going to tell you yet. Shall keep you in suspense… Muahahahaha…

Finance & Time.

Sucks. Still do. As much as I do still have some self control, such as this.


I do not have control over things like this.


How? I also don’t know how. Am still controlling.

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