Thanks to my buddy who volunteered me and requested that I helped her in her launching, I became an actress for a day.

It was a small production. Just a camera lady with the producer but we had to act based on the short script that was given to us.

I had the role of a simple bubbly girl. Here’s how I look:


At 36, it looks kind of weird and gross to have a hairstyle that you had like almost 30 years ago. I had to dutch here and there to get to my desk to grab something. Goodness. I wonder what will happened when the video is launch. *imagine a dozen people texting me*

Nonetheless it’s fun but at the same time it wasn’t really that easy especially if your character doesn’t match the one that you need to act out. So… kudos to the actors and actresses! I had to raise my voice so that the video camera can capture it. So now, I kept coughing.

That’s a small issue. The bigger problem came when you realised you ain’t having so much fun at your own work. Maybe, I should quit my job and start acting! Anyway, am really grateful for this opportunity. Meanwhile, stay tune! If I’m able yo get the photos, I’ll post it here!

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