Ramblings – Decompressing the Brain

12.01am – Kids’ Heguru homework. J-trip itinerary. A-trip plans. Pack luggage. Buy bag. Strategic workforce planning. Monthly report. Ad hoc requests. Websites. Watercolour. Crocheting. Buttercream rose. Halloween night. Money management. Time management. Exercise. Homeschooling. Develop photos. Collate photos. Interior design. Nail art painting. Lessons. Pack the room. Obedient packs. And many others… how… can… I… finish… all of them?

4.51am – Heard the sounds of door opening again and again. It can’t be little Milo playing with the door knob, he’s not tall enough. Then what?

Then the thought suddenly popped in. Is my parent’s room’s door stuck again???!! I woke up and knocked on their door. Indeed. And luckily after 5 minutes of trying, my dad managed to “dismantle” the door knob and open it.

Sigh… and now I am awake.

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